We have removed our phone since we are getting so many calls but we are returning emails

Hello.  We are retired poodle lovers.  We enjoy playing with puppies and the birthing process so we have a couple of toy litters a year. They are usually red or brown but have an occasional black pup now and then. Our dogs are loved family members that live in our home with lots of playtime & cuddles. We believe that a properly socialized puppy blends easier into a new home making a better pet. 

Our dogs are fed Nutro premium dog food and the puppies are fed Science Diet Puppy. All dams & sires have had all necessary vaccinations and deworming. All dogs are maintained on Advantage for flea control & Ivermectin for heartworms.

Our puppies come with full breeding rights and are AKC or CKC registered. We do not charge more for breeding rights like a lot of breeders do.

Please feel free to browse our site. Look at our sold puppy picture page. We offer a lot of good educational material. Check out our puppies and call or send us an email if you have any questions.
No puppies available until Fall Our web site is ALWAYS  up to date as to what is available.
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