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We do not hold puppies without deposits so please do not ask
Hello!... We are really retired poodle lovers, however, we enjoy these special little creatures God made so much we can't seem to completely retire! We could spend hours just watching puppies explore and play. They are so entertaining and each one has their own personality. Poodles are the 2nd smartest breed of ALL breeds worldwide. As puppies they are quick learners and are eager to please. They do not shed but do require brushing and clipping. People who have allergies that can not tolerate any dogs or cats are able to live with poodles. They are loving and loyal to their owners and are capable of being able to live in small places like apartments as they do not require excessive walking and running but do enjoy it very much. We do believe they will be part of our family in some way the rest of our life.

We are not a kennel at all. All three of our dogs live inside our home with lots of playtime & cuddles. We believe that a properly socialized puppy blends easier into a new home making a better pet. All of our puppies are red or brown with an occasional black pup. We breed red and browns primarily, with an occasional black.

We feed dogs our fed Nutro premium dog food, mini chunk chicken and the puppies are fed Science Diet Puppy small bites. All dams & sires have had all necessary vaccinations and deworming. All dogs are maintained on Advantage-Tick for flea control & Revolution or Ivermectin for heartworms.

Our puppies are AKC or CKC registered. Please feel free to browse our site. Look at our sold puppy picture page. We offer a lot of good educational material. We refuse the right to sell to anyone because we want great homes for our puppies. Check out our puppies and call or send us an email if you have any questions. 

We show puppies 6 days a week plus all holiday from 10am to 8pm, excluding Friday night and Saturdays, so please do not feel bad for calling up as late as 11pm.
​****Red Toy Female**** ***Available January 7 ****
Pictures will be posted in 4-5 weeks

No puppies available until the first of the year. We will have a red littler born in November but they will not be old enough to leave until mid January