We are removing our phone number because we are getting too many calls when we do not have puppies

Call us anytime between
11AM - 11PM CST. We take
calls on weekends & holidays
Closed  Friday nights and Saturdays. 
so please leave a message & we will 
contact you. ASAP. We are located in 
Houston, Texas, off I45 North and
near Spring, Texas
Hello. We are retired poodle lovers. We enjoy playing with puppies and the birthing process so we have a couple of toy litters a year. They are usually red, apricot or black. Our dogs are loved family members that live in our home with lots of playtime & cuddles. We believe that a properly socialized puppy blends easier into a new home making a better pet. 

Our dogs are fed Nutro premium dog food & the puppies are fed Science Diet Puppy small bites. All dams & sires have had all necessary vaccinations & deworming. They are maintained on Advantage for flea control & Ivermectin for heartworms.

Our reds are AKC registered. 

Please feel free to browse our site. Look at our sold puppy picture page. We offer a lot of good educational material. Check out our puppies and call or send us an email if you have any questions. 

We show puppies every day, even holidays from noon to 8pm, excluding Friday night and Saturdays
Breeeers of Quality Toy Poodles
My beloved " Code Red"
Registered name is "Sa'Man Code Red"
Better known as "Reddy"

Words can not express how much I loved this precious dog.  He was so smart.  He absolutely loved to run a long distance though the yard and then leap though the air in a long long jump like a deer does.  I loved watching him.  He was so graceful.  He was also a dog that had personality plus. There were a lot of very famous champions in his background.  I bought him from a well know breeder who has championed 21+ AKC champions. It was the "Sa-Man" blood lines. I saw the name for years thinking it meant something like sand man or slang for HEY MAN, but her name was Sandy and his name was Norman..thus-...Sa-Man.  Sandy is a top of the line breeder with a sweet loving spirit, so is her best friend Georgia, who also has many champions. She used to be the vice president of the Houston Poodle Club before her heart transplant. She owns one of the top 10 poodles in the United States. If I do not have any pups available I might refer you to her. I need to check with her first. 
January Wisdom:
Con·fu·cius. says: "Live life with truthfulness, compassion and tolerance"
We all can strive to please God.  I call it my TCT quote.  It was my way of remembering it. Can you imagine how awesome this world would be if we all tried to strive for those 3 very important words

1.(551–479 bc), Chinese philosopher; Latinized name of Kongfuzi (K'ung Fu-tzu) “Kong the master.” His ideas about the importance of practical moral values, collected by his disciples in the Analects, formed the basis of the philosophy known as Confucianism.

No puppies until Fall 2016
Please, no calls.
A sign I saw in someone's office that I wanted to share:

Don't tell God how big your problem is
Tell your problem how big your God is.