​Perfect Poodles is a hobby breeder of toy, tiny toy & teacup poodles.  We are not a kennel. Our 3 dogs live in our home & are cherished pets who get lots of playtime and cuddles.  Our goal is to breed genetically sound playful pups with excellent temperaments.

Our adults are fed Nutro dog food and the puppies  eat Small Bites Science Diet. They  are vaccinated and dewormed on a regular basis & are maintained on Advantage and Ivermectin.

All puppies come with breeding rights and we do not charge extra like some breeders do. They are registered either AKC or CKC.

Please feel free to browse our site.  We have a lot of good educational material.  Check out the pictures of our sold puppies and happy customers.  Send us an email if you have any specific question which you need an immediate answer as we usually  answer emails daily.

We have deleted our phone number because we only have 1-3 litters a year and get many calls when we do not have puppies. We will have a litter of browns orpartis available for sale mid Februarty so chck back then. Our website is always up to date with pictures of the puppies starting at 6-7 weeks. 
No puppies available until mid February. Pictures will be posted at that time so please check back then